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Equipment: Hygrometer
Equipment Type: Instrument -> Temperature Meter
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Valid Period: 2026-11-01
Description: Measuring the physical properties of the gas humidity instruments. Humidity of the gas in that water vapor content, relative humidity, absolute humidity and the two representations. Absolute humidity of gases in the absolute content of water vapor, the most commonly used unit is g / m ^ 3. At a certain temperature, pressure, unit volume of water vapor content has certain limits, known as the saturated water vapor content. Relative Humidity refers to the absolute water vapor in the gas content and the same temperature, pressure, Saturated with gas when the volume ratio of water vapor content, commonly used symbol for the% RH. Hygrometer is widely used, for example, ultra-pure metal smelting, textile processing, paper and printing and dyeing and other production processes and food storage and meteorological measurements, etc., often need to use hygrometers to measure or control air or industrial process gases and humidity.
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